Mast. Origination Platform

A new way to handle mortgage applications.

Our portal ensures that lenders receive perfectly packaged applications – every time.


Digital lending policy

Digital lending policy gives instant feedback and recommendations to brokers.

Improve application packaging

Receive applications with dramatically better packaging, and fewer low-quality applications.

Self-service product updates

Products can be created and updated by lender staff without writing any code.

Open Banking integration

Customers can attach verified bank transactions directly from their financial accounts.

Rich platform analytics

See data on your best-performing brokers, track KPIs, and see abandoned applications.

Unlock extra capacity

Process applications faster, let underwriters focus on underwriting, and improve conversion.

Transform your lending business


Improve Conversion

Mast lets you filter out poor quality applications before they've even been submitted. Save your resources for only the right applications.


Increase Margins

Mast provides a brilliant user experience and helps you shorten your time to offer. Together this strengthens customer and broker loyalty to allow greater flexibility on pricing and procuration fees.


Reduce Costs

Mast automates simple underwriting tasks reducing the manual work required to process each application. This streamlines the approval process allowing you to review more applications with the same resources.

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