A new way to handle mortgage applications.

Our portal ensures that lenders receive perfectly packaged applications – every time.

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Flexibility for Lenders

Ultimate control and customisation of your origination platform.

Bespoke journeys for different application types

Choose which APIs and steps apply for specific application types to create the journeys you want specific products and users to follow.

Configure custom application forms for different products

Mast offers unlimited forms to let you have bespoke questions for different product types, ensuring you capture all the information you need from the get go.

Update and change forms whenever you need

Need to make a change to your forms or add a new question? We turn around requests fast and there’s no limit to the number of requests you can make.

Launch, withdraw and update products in a couple of clicks

Our product engine allows users to configure and customise products in a simple environment. Drafts and changes can be reviewed by designated approvers and scheduled to go to live at a specific time.

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Better for Brokers

Our portal is designed to be as simple to use as possible.

Application Forms

All on one page, there’s no need to keep flicking back and forth between different screens. All of the questions sit on the same page and can be quickly found using our dynamic menu.

Prepopulate Forms

Pull in your applicants’ data straight into the Mast forms saving duplication of data entry.

Never Lose Unsaved Data

We continuously and automatically save data keyed into our application forms, meaning if you lose your connection or accidentally close your browser, we make sure you can start again right where you left off.

Policy Prompts

Designed to inform brokers the key follow up questions and criteria considerations from their application. As information is entered into our forms, we surface relevant information from your lending criteria to help inform users how you’ll review their application, additional questions you’ll ask and which documents are needed.

Simplify Operations

Manage and automate processes. Automate tasks for both brokers and internal users.

Automate Administrative Steps

Our no-code automation engine lets lenders create their own unique set of rules to remove manual administrative steps. Tasks, emails, application updates and more can be triggered by a range of different actions in the origination platform.

Keep Brokers Up To Date

Our built in messaging system allows brokers and lenders to communicate without ever leaving Mast. Users can also reply via email, with messages automatically threaded in the application page.

Better Packaged Applications

Our policy prompts, hard stops, and bespoke packaging requirements ensure brokers submit high quality applications to help you spend less time chasing for information or speculative submissions.

Build and Launch Products Without Writing a Line of Code

Our Policy Engine is a sophisticated database designed to replace PDFs of Policy and Procedures with our policy engine. Lenders can set the details they wish to share with 3rd parties, internal rules, and guidance on how lending criteria should be applied, all in the same place.

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